Album Cover
Love Without Mercy
Released: 11.17.11
Label: Arbeit Macht Dinge
Track Listing
1 National Razor
2 Ruined Tower
3 German Autumn
4 Billy Club
5 Proletkult
6 Games Without Frontiers
7 Silver Skin
8 Vojvoda

Liner Notes

A noisy post-punk vision of radical statism courtesy of a kinder, gentler Generalissimo. Produced by Tim Green and mastered by John Golden, 180 gram 45 rpm virgin vinyl pressing.

Download-only version (and Canada-specific shipping rates) available here.


Generalissimo - Love Without Mercy LP
Built on a Weak Spot
[A] significant step forward with a level of melodic song craft that spits out a nice amount of hooks throughout... immerse yourself...
Generalissimo, Love Without Mercy
East Bay Express
More melodic than the band's previous releases, its message is no less overt. Radical statism, adorned with brutalist aesthetics, is the name of the game... immerse yourself...
Generalissimo -- LOVE WITHOUT MERCY 12" lp [Arbeit Macht Dinge]
The One True Dead Angel
[S]traight-up, black coffee rock whose roots can be traced back to both hardcore music and (to a lesser extent) riff-driven grunge / stoner bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Melvins... immerse yourself...
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