Generalissimo - Love Without Mercy LP
[A] significant step forward with a level of melodic song craft that spits out a nice amount of hooks throughout... immerse yourself...
This Just In

Impromptu pick up performance this weekend at the lovely Merchants Saloon in Oakland featuring the ever-amazing The Blind Shake and an ultra-rare "original formula" appearance by Cartographer.


Generalissimo, Love Without Mercy
More melodic than the band's previous releases, its message is no less overt. Radical statism, adorned with brutalist aesthetics, is the name of the game... immerse yourself...
Generalissimo -- LOVE WITHOUT MERCY 12" lp [Arbeit Macht Dinge]
[S]traight-up, black coffee rock whose roots can be traced back to both hardcore music and (to a lesser extent) riff-driven grunge / stoner bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Melvins... immerse yourself...
Generalissimo -- "Iron Heart / Silver Skin" 7"
More swellness from the rocking statists of Generalissimo, this time in the form of two short but potent blasts of swaggering riff-rock... immerse yourself...
Party Music

When life gives you lemons, crush life into dust beneath your heel.

You know who we are.

Let everybody know.

The Best Laid Men of Plans

We regret to inform you that, due to a broken foot, the Love Without Mercy record release show scheduled for this Thursday, Nov 17 has been canceled.

This is what happens when a band trains like they fight.

We will reschedule -- watch your email.

In the meantime, sate your thirst for neobrutalist post punk with your very own copy of the new LP. Order a vinyl copy by this Thursday and get your very own Neobrutalist American Flag patch.

This One Goes to 11.17.11

On November 17, 2011 come out to San Francisco's El Rio to celebrate the release of Generalissimo's new LP, Love Without Mercy

Produced by Tim Green at the new Louder Studios, Love Without Mercy documents Generalissimo's oppressive manhandling of post punk chaos, arrestingly capturing their tense affirmation of human paradox: a methodical disorder, a pleasant discord, a classical futurism, a pragmatic utopianism...

The meticulously layered indie noise attack of Moggs and the psychedelic maelstrom of Moonbell round out the bill and impose an incrementalist arc onto the evening. This is an excellent line up. This is going to be an excellent show.

The occasion will be all the more momentous for being the debut of the new, improved Generalissimo uniforms -- El Rio will have style to spare on November 17. Don't miss it.
Behind the Curtain

Have a peek at what goes into making a Generalissimo record:

... and mark your calendars: Nov 17 at El Rio, SF.

Le Généralissime Est Mort, Vive Le Généralissime!

This, citizen, is how it all ends...

On October 7, 2011, Generalissimo breaks an eight-month silence to commemorate an occasion of twofold import for Oakland's finest purveyors of neobrutalist post punk:

Yes, citizen: this will, indeed, be the last Generalissimo event to feature the beguiling handiwork of General Action. Generalissimo will perservere, but not in the same form. Don't miss this last chance to witness the original formula in action.

As if that isn't enough, this show is also the party for fellow Oaklanders Hurry Up Shotgun's long-awaited eponymous CD release as well as Santa Cruz hard rock outfit Moon Eater's first San Franscisco show.

Come early. Come often. The Hemlock knows no tears.

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