A Specter is Haunting America...

The specter of Western Medicine.

On the second and third weekends of October 2009, the ten songs that will constitute the forthcoming Generalissimo LP, "Western Medicine," were tracked, overdubbed, and mixed at Louder Studios in San Francisco, California.

Generals in the studio

Clocking in just under 28 minutes, recorded immediately after Generalissimo's return from tour, and produced with the capable handling of Tim Green as well as the ruthless scrutiny of Chopper...


The dual Consuls of Louder Studios

... "Western Medicine" is an exercise in focused strength, brutal efficiency, and well-conditioned capability. At long last, the fully functional machine that is Generalissimo -- five men, five amplifiers, three guitars, bass, and drums -- has been captured on tape.


Deflowering a virgin reel of 2" Quantegy GP9

Look for a release in early 2010.

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