Generals on Parade

The Generalissimo expeditionary venture into the Great Wet North was a grand success. Acclaim is due to our tour-mates, Ovipositor, who at all times demonstrated a perfect balance of professional courtesy and casual calm all the while delivering performances of extremely high caliber. A quick wrap up:

We came. We saw. We stupefied.

Portland. Quality outstripped quantity. Good times were had. Go check out East Wenatchee Iowa (née Cougar).

A wolf ate our stuff in Portland

Bellingham: This might just be the new home of rock music. Patronize Jinx Art Space. Treat yourself to some Police Teeth.

Getting paid in Bellingham

Seattle: Fed and watered, allowed to rock, and sent home in good health and spirits. Slim's Last Chance treats bands (and food) very well. The DTs rock.

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