In Commemoration of Armistice Day

On this day in 1918, the dissolution of European empires begun more than a century before at the hands of Napolean Bonaparte was decisively realized. The Dual Monarchy and German Empire followed the recently deceased Russian Empire into oblivion with the Ottoman State close behind. Massive swaths of territory were thrown into play as endless divisions of ideology, ethnicity and nationality embarked upon an increasingly violent competition for geographic ascendancy. 

Today, our atomized human species, armed with multiple alarmingly accessible means of achieving complete self-destruction -- environmental as well as military -- faces challenges of such colossal proportion that nothing short of perfectly coordinated, precisely directed effort can give us any hope for salvation.

Picayune ethno-nationalist considerations abound and are all-too-readily adopted as pet causes on both the right and the left. A menace of global dimensions, however, requires a global response and in this age we face a multitude of such menaces. Consensus building is a luxury no longer within the means of humankind.

Twenty million perished in the "War to End All Wars." Due to its chaotic aftermath, more again have perished in the century since. On this Armistice Day, let us pay honor to all of their memories by declaring a true war to end all wars: a war against disorder.

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