Reeducation Demonstration (Exercise IV): In Memoriam

In this time of daunting adversity, when viability depends upon vigorous action, there are those who would have the tenets of their so-called morality cripple our body politic. These advantaged solipsists hold unfettered individualism and the primacy of private property to be worthy of higher regard than the very society that allows their myopic ideology to exist.

Selfless suffering is the prerogative of the individual, not the nation. What better occasion than a day of remembrance for the war dead to remind the closet anarchists of this distinction? The fourth Reeducation Demonstration will prevail as an approbation of ruthless statism by bringing the talents of three heretofore divergent ventures into concert:

  • The magisterial high modernism of Generalissimo
  • The unyielding urgency of Police Teeth, and
  • The consummate professionalism of Moggs

Let those who would condemn our nation to sainthood find martyrdom on crosses of their own making!

Reeducation persists on May 25, 2009 at Thee Parkside in San Francisco.

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