Reeducation Demonstration (Exercise V)

Dissolution and entropy loom over America. Our coffers and cupboards have been ruthlessly laid bare. The vanguard of our nation's disgrace implores us to display understanding and mercy.

Refuse this entreaty! Oakland's broken rock juggernaut of unrepentant authoritarianism, Generalissimo, demands redress and is joined in a call for radical state intervention by San Francisco-based subsonic explorers Mariana Trench.

Also in attendance will be special guest DJ Sergeant Stadenko, who will elucidate for the benighted masses the finer points of ketamine rock appreciation

The entitled élites would sell us a bill of unfortunate coincidence to explain the degeneration of our state. Compensation will be provided in pounds of their own flesh.

Reeducation persists on August 21, 2009 at the Starry Plough in Berkeley.

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