Generalissimo- "Western Medicine"-(Arbeit Macht Dinge)

Reading from their myspace page, you might think Generallisimo are a bit weird. You’d think right.

Listening to their debut LP will make you want to slick your hair back and don a khaki uniform. It’s all very serious. It’s all very political too, which may be appealing to some, but it’s also dull to others. Especially when done like this. General Zivkovich’s vocals grow on you a bit after a couple of songs, but it’s all just a bit slow and boring. It’s kinda like the cassette you’d get through the letter box if a new cult was advertising for followers in your neighbourhood.

If you like to be able to dance to your punk rock, avoid this album. If however, you prefer to March. Along. In. Single. File. then maybe this is for you.

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