Generalissimo, Shame, Tears, Medicine @ Rokked

First and foremost Generalissimo is a band that dresses like they’re straight out of an episode of Battle Star Galactica. But don’t let the outfits fool you, they’re total nerds. History nerds to be exact. Now I’m more eyeballing things than actually checking my measurements with a spoon or whatever but I’m pretty sure all of their songs are about subjects found only within the middle of really thick books. For example they have a song called Helicopter which is about a “helicopter”. But don’t let their big city, big schoolin’ intelligence fool you, they’re still a rock band, something Generalissimo is great at making you forget.

As a band Genmo, as their subordinates call them, sounds like a detonating hand grenade that blankets you with a wall of sound that goose steps over everyone stupid enough to oppose them. Genmo brings forth a tight and orderly sound where 5 guys are all playing the exact same notes but in a completely different way. It’s kinda like synchronized swimming but in black leather boots.

Lead by General Pappi Zankovich (or something similar), Genmo is a 5 piece band with a battalion of 3 guitarists on the front line that glares down their audience with a 1,000 yard stare that reduces a person from a man to a number. By the end of every show the newly indoctrinated crowd is in a single file line and has watched the show while in formation.

I believe Tim Green recorded their new album Western Medicine. You may know Tim Green from big bands that play shows infront of people that aren’t in the opening band. It’s rumored he turned lead singer Andre Zavostache’s John Waters’ style mustache really high in the mix… see if you can hear it.

Brian James
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