Generalissimo – Western Medicine LP | Built on a Weak Spot

A lot of times I’m in the position where I get a nice little brief explanation as to what I am about to hear when a record arrives at my doorstep (or in my case a box that requires a key). More often than not I have hard time understanding where half of those ideas came from because I’m obviously not hearing the same thing or it’s not really an ounce close to what it wants to be. It’s just the cold hard truth of it all I guess. Why am I bringing this up? Well Generalissimo passed along their record Western Medicine not long ago and like many before them it had a nice little write up attached to it. However where they set themselves apart is that the write up actually kind of works or is something that I can in fact buy into. It’s a nice change of pace.

So what is Generalissimo? They are a five piece from Oakland, CA that has members that have spent time in a few other notable bands such as Angel Hair, Stay Gold Pony Boy, and Boyjazz. I actually had to kind of take a double take when I noticed the Angel Hair connection. Quite a bit of deviation in styles, but hey that’s cool. Anyway, the band seemingly takes great pride in their strict and precision based style of punk/post-hardcore. With five members, three of which are playing guitar here, you’d think this would just be a clusterfuck of noise or giant blown out riffs, but rather Generalissimo seem to get their reputation from the restraint and execution of thick catchy rock. They aren’t working towards completely ripping your head clean off with blunt force. Their style is more so in the repetition or stealthily wearing you down so they can creep up behind you and slit your throat. It’s sneaky good in a way. While the comparisons that were expressed to me to such bands as Killing Joke and/or Melvins are pretty apt in this case, there were also bits and pieces that reminded me slightly of earlier Clutch. You know, before they were full-bore into jam band territory. It might be the rigidness in which this is played that draws me to that, who knows? Regardless, give Generalissimo a listen. It’s worth your time for sure.

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