MRR Free Box Review #5: Generalissimo – Western Medicine

This album is good. It doesn’t really move me, but it’s good. It’s heavy in a subtle sort of way, and has a very precise, exact sort of structure that I like. I don’t know where you’d place Generalissimo on the genre scale. I’d be fine calling them alternative. Or maybe grunge. A lot of the songs go from a riffy, sort of staccato verse into a more tonal, bellowing chorus. This kind of song structure was done to death by nu-metal and screamo, but Generalissimo would never fit into either of those two categories. Their tone is too stoic, and polite. It reminds me of the confident, sincere message of an authority figure. According to the band’s website the band’s overall message is that ‘…order implies violence,’ and they clearly use themes of militarism, uniformity, and blind nationalism to satire those concepts.

You know what? I take back what I said originally. I really like this album. I do! I do! It takes a second to turn on to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very clever, compelling music.

Chuck Damage
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