Generalissimo -- "Iron Heart / Silver Skin" 7"

More swellness from the rocking statists of Generalissimo, this time in the form of two short but potent blasts of swaggering riff-rock. "Iron Heart" creeps along like a thief skulking through the night, occasionally bursting into epic jolts of heaviness as the full band kicks in, and when the solo arrives, it's short but sweet and propels the band forward in an even higher gear as they ride out the song with a growing sense of bombast. On the flip side, the version of "Silver Skin" here is a different, noisier mix (maybe even a totally different recording) of the same song from the recent album, with even more high-octane energy. Both songs are excellent, and the single -- limited to 500 copies and also available for download at their Bandcamp site -- makes a fine, inexpensive introduction to the band.

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