Generalissimo - Love Without Mercy LP

The always politically charged Generalissimo released their second LP Love Without Mercy late last year and sadly I am just now getting to it. I remember enjoying their debut Western Medicine, but as their name would suggest, there was a very militaristic rigidness to it. An album that, while good, somewhat felt like a band that was concerned about loosening up and more inclined to play to their persona/image with a certain strictness, which is understandable. On Love is Mercy it seems that the band has decidedly softened on that approach, but obviously very much keeping in line with the general theme of the band (playing live in full military attire, politically involved lyrics, etc). The result is a band/record that takes a significant step forward with a level of melodic song craft that spits out a nice amount of hooks throughout the record. And more so, it doesn’t hinder as to what they are trying to accomplish with their music. I imagine this is partly due to André Zivkovich’s bombastic vocal approach that sells itself well as someone with a level of authority or position of leadership to deliver the lyrics at hand here. The music itself is very riff heavy oriented rock that actually sometimes feels like it latches on to a bit of 80’s metal twin guitar harmony action, if it were to be slowed considerably. Maybe somewhat in the chunky fuzzed out area of Houdini/Stoner Witch era Melvins. Either way, definitely enjoy the direction they’ve taken here.

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